"I feel like this new computer-generated art is almost like splitting the atom with a photographic image. You could sort of illustrate it before, but you could never do it mechanically. It's a fascinating process."

Richard Bernstein, 1992

Richard Bernstein was always interested in new media to create his art and long before the internet explosion in the latter half of the 1990s and the current NFT boom, he was one of the pioneers of digital art.

As early as 1986, Bernstein created album covers for Grace Jones ("Inside Story" and "I'm Not Perfect") and a postal stamp commissioned by the World Federation of United Nations Associations utilizing the Quantel Paintbox, a dedicated computer graphics workstation. By 1992, he was fully converted to computer generated imagery and debuted a series of works entirely created with this new technology at the Cornerstone Gallery in Beverly Hills, curated by Joan Agajanian Quinn. While this prescient show garnered the attention of iconic curator Henry Geldzahler, who lauded the exhibition, the rarified art world seemed not yet ready to embrace computerized art.

Now, almost 20 years after his death, the advent of NFTs and it's growing marketplace proves that Bernstein's embrace of technology-based art was prophetic. In keeping with Bernstein's vision, the Estate of Richard Bernstein is proud to announce the minting of several of his most well known works to be made available to collectors in the Fall of 2021. Join the Richard Bernstein newsletter to keep up to date on Richard Bernstein NFT marketplace launches and trading news.